September Hockey Season News

by Meka Trepanier

To all Team Captains, Players, Parents and Friends. 

We are working through all of the details as best as we can right now to be able to bring you hockey seasons back for September. 

All of the current questions that we are getting. 

- Will there be hockey in September ?
- How do I register my child so they don't miss out ?
- How many teams will be allowed into adult leagues ?

" The answer to all of the above is we are working on it as fast as we can "
This is not at easy time in history to gather needed information to make quick decisions.  

The soonest update we will be able to offer everyone will be Approx.  August 15th. 

We will send out emails around that time, or you are welcome to start checking back on the website for needed info then. 

Thank you all.